Air Conditioner Is Attracting Thieves

Air conditioners are great when it comes to cooling and regulating the humidity in many homes. For most Americans, they are indispensable. But it seems that thieves are now more than ever determined to ensure that they deny most home owners the luxury of having comfortable homes. The thing is that the people stealing air conditioners are not really interested in using them. All they care about is stripping out the copper in the units and selling it to scrap yards.

How You Can Encourage Employees To Take Advantage Of BYOD

BYOD policies are among one of the most innovative IT solutions taking place in the corporate world today. If your employees have been slow to take advantage of the bring-your-own-device policy at your office, you might want to put some thought into how you can encourage them to start using their own laptops and tablets at the workplace. When your employees carry out work tasks on their own devices, it can save your company from making expenditures on computer equipment.

Preventing Product Recalls: Analyzing Your Rigid Flex Printed Circuit Boards For Flaws

The assembly of rigid flex printed circuit boards requires little of human hands. As such, the boards may have just as many or fewer functional issues. As a quality control specialist, you want to be sure that the product recalls on the circuit boards your company manufactures are few and far between. To do that, you have to have several employees closely examine the boards for printing flaws and test them for flexibility.

How To Choose The Right Phone Service

Gone are the days of megalithic phone companies and single options for phone connectivity - today's consumer has a breadth of options available to them, ranging from minor local providers to internet based communications. With such a slew of choices, deciding upon the proper phone service can be daunting. Consider Your Needs Before choosing a provider, you should first consider your needs. Do your require long distance calling? Is local calling enough?

How To Make A Great Impact On Customers Over The Phone

When you run a small business, your customers mean everything to your success. This means you must give them excellent service both in person and on the phone. Learn how you can use the telephone to make a great impact on your customers without even talking to them face-to-face. Have knowledgeable and friendly staff Few things frustrate your customers more than staff who does not appear to know what they are doing, or worse, even seem to care.