How You Can Encourage Employees To Take Advantage Of BYOD

BYOD policies are among one of the most innovative IT solutions taking place in the corporate world today. If your employees have been slow to take advantage of the bring-your-own-device policy at your office, you might want to put some thought into how you can encourage them to start using their own laptops and tablets at the workplace.

When your employees carry out work tasks on their own devices, it can save your company from making expenditures on computer equipment. The following are some useful techniques for business owners who want to encourage their employees to take advantage of BYOD options:

Offer free software

Your employees could probably benefit enormously from having office software available on their home computers.

If you allow your employees to download valuable software programs onto their own desktop computers and laptops, they will be more likely to contribute the use of their electronic devices to carrying out company work tasks at your office. 

Have a meeting

When you institute a new BYOD policy at your workplace, you need to get the word out about it so that your employees are aware.

Arranging for a meeting on BYOD issues is the best way to make sure that your employees are aware of what they can and can't do in terms of bringing their own devices in to the office to use them for work tasks. 

Offer telecommuting possibilities

If possible, you should give your employees the option to work from home. Employees who work from home will not only use their own electronic equipment to handle company tasks, but they will also free up space at your office. 

Your employees will no doubt be grateful for the opportunity to handle their job responsibilities from home once in a while. Implementing a telecommuting option at your office will not only allow you to take advantage of your employee's own computer equipment, but it is also likely to contribute to improved employee retention at your company. 

Establish deals with computer suppliers

You might be able to arrange an agreement with computer suppliers in your area that will allow your employees to take advantage of corporate discounts on computer equipment. 

This will encourage your employees to buy their own devices that they can bring in to work. 

Interact with your employees

As a business owner, you know how important communication can be. Simply chatting with your employees about BYOD possibilities is a great way to not only get the word out about BYOD options, but also to garner some employee feedback on the issue. 

Interact with employees both verbally and by sending out e-mails to make sure that everyone in your office understands BYOD rules and security procedures.