How To Make A Great Impact On Customers Over The Phone

When you run a small business, your customers mean everything to your success. This means you must give them excellent service both in person and on the phone. Learn how you can use the telephone to make a great impact on your customers without even talking to them face-to-face.

Have knowledgeable and friendly staff

Few things frustrate your customers more than staff who does not appear to know what they are doing, or worse, even seem to care. 73% of customers who have abandoned a business blame poor customer service, rude staff, and ignorant employees as their reason for moving on to another company. Don't let this happen to you. Make sure all your staff are friendly and knowledgeable on the phone, and that they have all resources within easy reach so they don't have to put people on hold to find them simple answers. You can help accomplish all this by:

  • having phones answered within 3 rings
  • limiting holds to 30 seconds or less
  • requiring all employees to refer to customers by name
  • taping quick answers to common questions near phone systems

When your employees are ready and willing to help your customers over the phone, imagine what they will be willing to do for your customers when they walk in the door. A little bit of kindness and expert knowledge goes a long way in the minds of consumers.

Have a great phone system

Business telephone systems provide many benefits that a traditional phone doesn't have, including additional lines, transfer capabilities, and different business extension lines. Make sure your phone system has all the tools it needs to help your customers get where they need to go from the moment they push 'talk', so they can reach a live person in the right department more quickly. Contact a company like Tele-Plus for more information.

Have a professional voicemail

Customers often get frustrated with voicemails that are unclear or don't say anything about the business's hours of operation. Make sure your voicemail states who you are as the company owner, the hours that your business is open, any other means of contact (such as email or fax), and what your business specializes in. Consumers feel more confident in your company when you have a detailed voicemail with information they can use. Record in a crisp, clear voice in a quiet room without any background noise to prevent muddled feedback that can make you hard to understand. Respond to all voicemail messages within 1 business day to prevent making consumers feel ignored or unimportant. A quick response impresses many people and gives your company more credibility.

Treating your customers right means going the extra mile on the telephone. Use these tips to give them excellent service whether you are seeing them in person or only hearing their voice. The right communication can make your business very successful and create loyal customers.