Will Your Pest Control Company Benefit From GPS Tracking?

If you are a business owner, chances are that you have been considering the opportunity to use GPS tracking to monitor some of your employees. Pest control companies are meant to provide excellent service to those who use them, but how can you be sure that your employees are providing great service—especially when customers complain? Tracking devices that use GPS may be your best solution. Not sure if this is the right choice for you? Consider these benefits to GPS tracking systems:

Reduce Idle Time of Vehicles

Wondering why vehicles are lingering for long amounts of time? It could be that your fuel costs and even some vehicle maintenance costs are going to finance idling of your employees in vehicles while they fill out paperwork. 

Improve Accuracy of Timesheets

With accurate GPS logs, you will know exactly when employees should be clocking out for the day. You save money on employee wages and improve efficiency.

Decrease Instances of Employee Fraud

Are you worried that your employees are not using their time wisely? Are you concerned that their time isn't going solely to your clients? You can easily catch instances of employee fraud with an accurate GPS tracker.

Improve Customer Service

If you get a phone call from a customer claiming that your employee did not spend much time at their house, how do you know that they are telling the truth? With a GPS tracker, you can be much more sure about how long your employees are spending at the customer's home.

See How Long Employees Spend at Lunch

Unfortunately, it is true that some employees will take longer lunches than they let on. You can curb this by using a GPS tracking system to see how long they spend away from work or the work site.

Ensure Driver Safety

With certain types of trackers, you can tell which speed your driver is moving and how long it takes a driver to get to the work site. Unsafe driving or route inefficiency will become more apparent when you are using a tracking system to try to pinpoint them.

Prevent Unauthorized Usage of Vehicles and Equipment

Ever thought that your employees might be using your equipment or vehicles to work with another company? Now, you can know for sure.

There is no way to run a business perfectly, but you can certainly try. With GPS tracking services, you can easily access records that help you make better choices for your company and employees, preventing losses as necessary. For more information, contact a company like StarTrak GPS.