Choosing Components In Your Home Theater System: What Do You Want?

A custom home theater system is something many guys dream about, and which most families can enjoy. Yet, there are so many different components to choose from. How do you choose what you want to put into your system? It helps by learning about the various components that are available, and what you can do with each component.


You cannot have a home theater system without TV. (Well, actually, you could, but then a lot of the other components are worthless!) Your best bet is to get a smart TV, which is internet-enabled and can connect to your home WiFi system rather than requiring wires and cables to connect to the internet. Then you can stream movies and TV shows from various streaming services as well as watching cable TV channels. Your TV is also central to everything else the home theater system can do, so pick the best possible TV you have space for and the one you can afford without selling a kidney.

Stereo Speakers or Surround Sound

Surround sound means you have speakers in every corner of the room for your home theater system. You will be able to hear the rumble of chariots from the side of you, the crash of cars in front of you and even terrifying screams from directly behind you. Stereo speakers for surround sound immerses you completely in everything you watch, making it a more realistic experience than just standard TV. Different systems have different features too, such as wireless connectivity and individual speaker controls if you want less sound coming at you from one direction and more sound from another direction.

Video Game Systems

Video game systems, especially those with internet connectivity, have taken the place of many other home theater components, such as Blu-Ray DVD players and standard DVD players. If you do not spring for the systems that have these features, but you want to play video games all the same, you will need to select a system that fits well with the other components you choose.

Blu-Ray and DVD Players

Blu-Ray players are relatively inexpensive now, while DVD players are going the way of dinosaurs. However, if you have a massive collection of movie and TV discs, you may want to have a Blu-Ray or DVD player connected to your TV and home theater system. This is especially true if you do not spring for an expensive gaming console that can play your discs for you.

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