Four Benefits Of Using Two-Way Satellite Radios For Agricultural Work

If you own or manage a large farm, you are probably already aware of the distinct communication challenges working a large area of land represents. Rather than attempting to eke out a cell phone signal or operating with no communication at all between you and your workers, consider the usefulness of a standard, two-way satellite radio. These durable and relatively inexpensive devices can help you keep track of events on your farm with the following four benefits. 

Communicating With Multiple Groups at Once

Radios allow you to pick and choose your frequency within certain channels set aside for the purpose. If all of your worker groups are on the same frequency, you should be able to communicate with all of them through a single message, saving you time and guaranteeing that everyone knows what they need to do simultaneously. This is a notable improvement over cell phones, which typically can only handle calls with around a half dozen or fewer participants. 

Reducing Your Cell Phone Expenses

Speaking of cell phones, there are few places more hazardous to a flimsy phone than the farm. Heavy equipment, mud, water and frequent communications mean that even when you aren't replacing your latest broken phone, you are probably still dealing with a high bill. This becomes especially pronounced if you need to provide your employees with phones and coverage as well. By assigning each group a single rugged, two-way radio instead, you can cut down on expenses while maintaining the same, if not more, efficiency. 

Alerting Others to Emergencies Quickly

The primary function of two-way satellite radios is to alert others to emergencies no matter where or when they occur. If, for example, a harvester gets stuck in a field three miles away, you will know about it instantly and, in turn, be able to begin coordinating with others immediately afterward. Instead of needing to fumble for a phone, find your number and wait for you to pick up, your workers will be able to grab their radio, push a button and relay the news without further delay. Crop failures, livestock injury, flooding and other emergencies can all be contained more quickly and, hopefully, with fewer damages or injuries, through the effective use of radio. 

Ensuring Constant Coverage

Anyone who has lived in a rural area knows the constant struggle of finding adequate cellular reception on a farm. Huge chunks of land are still completely inaccessible with a cell phone, and many of those areas are prime farming country. The last thing you need is an emergency situation you never hear about because your workers effectively have no phones. By relying on more comprehensive satellite technology and portable radios, you can eliminate this risk and rest assured that things are running smoothly and efficiently in every corner of your farm.