Preparing A Serviceable Outdoor Kiosk With Benefits

Kiosks have become an easy way to manage tech savvy customers on the go without having to staff an employee on location. Whether you're selling cards and tickets for a service or providing location information for traveling patrons, the kiosk is available for people who just need a few keystrokes to get going. Unfortunately, kiosks can break down like anything else. To reduce the equipment needed by technicians, consider preparing a fully equipped kiosk computer set with a few component ideas.

Keyboard And Monitor Set For Backup

Especially in the case of touch screen monitors, it may be better for a visiting technician to use a keyboard and monitor. Unfortunately, public locations run the risk of offering a free keyboard and mouse to any passing thief. 

It is possible to install a hard mounted keyboard and rackmount monitor, but the design needs to be part of the kiosk from the beginning in most cases. A technician can simply insert a key and pull out a drawer. The drawer itself--or rack--is the keyboard and monitor combo.

Avoid adding a mouse to the combination. Mouse wiring can easily be caught up in the rack, which can slow down your technician and make locking up difficult. Either leave a Universal Serial Bus (USB) hub offering more ports for the technician to use or ask kiosk designers to add a locked access panel for getting to the kiosk computer's USB ports.

Turning Maintenance Service Into Attention Service

If your kiosk depends on or profits from advertising, getting more people near your kiosk is a benefit that can be boosted with a rackmount system.

Consider the USB access that your technician would use. USB isn't just for connecting mice and keyboards; in a world of mobile device comfort and smartphones in almost every pocket, there's sure to be someone who needs a charge.

You can install a USB power strip that has no data connection to the rest of the kiosk. This strip will allow passing visitors to charge their phones as they pass by, a benefit sought after by many when their travels go too long and their batteries drain too low.

When you have visitors for such a service, it's easier to distribute your advertisements. It isn't a guaranteed source of income, but the more eyes on your advertisement space, the better. If the technique is successful, consider adding a vending machine to generate a few passive payments.

For assistance with planning a kiosk that does more while being easier to service, contact an outdoor kiosk professional.