Three Things You Can Have Delivered Via Drone Copter

Ever since a certain online e-tailer inserted their "drone copter delivery" ad into primetime TV shows, people are in awe about what these new pieces of technology can do. While some immature folks may still attempt to use them to peep in neighbor's windows in some kind of updated version of Rear Window, these devices can be used for so much more. Here are all of the courier services that these drone copters can provide, if you have a mind to use them.

Picnic Lunches

As a recent episode of Better Late Than Never shows, the Chinese are using drone copters to deliver picnic lunches. If you are visiting China and want to enjoy its natural beauty while consuming a hot picnic lunch, you can order your meal in a basket ahead of time. Provide the restaurant with the location where you will be consuming your lunch (or dinner) and the time you want the drone copter to deliver it. Voila! Picnic meals by drone copter!

Packages Urgently Needed

Forget your wife's birthday? Anniversary? Do not worry. You can order from some e-tailers and then make a special request for "drone delivery" or "drone courier services." Because the e-tailer already has your address, he or she just has to program the drone to pick up your package and deliver it to you. Drones are low-flying enough that it is not necessary to log a flight plan with the national airports, so you can get your package within several hours of ordering it. The package weight limit, however, has to be light, and the package cannot have dimensions bigger than the drone can carry underneath its belly.

Bodily Organs

When bodily organs meant for transplant cannot make it across town via standard couriers or ambulances because of the traffic, drones come to the rescue. In a surprising way, this may be the first series of events in history where robots are responsible for life-saving services that do not involve surgery. The coolers in which these organs are transported, and the weight of the organs themselves, are light enough that a drone can easily and quickly carry them over miles and miles of gridlocked traffic to the hospital that is desperately awaiting the organs for transplant. Since it is so vital for the organs to remain as fresh as possible, the drones can get them to their destinations much faster than any car or truck can. The only exception is transporting the organs from one state to another; then, an actual helicopter is the better choice (whenever possible).