How To Monetize Your Overwatch Gaming Experience

If you're an Overwatch gaming fanatic, then you should consider monetizing your playing experience. A popular method to do this is to broadcast your live play on a site such as Twitch. In order to do this, though, you will have to do a few things in preparation. It's not enough to be a passionate gamer, though that is essential. You also need to have the right equipment, a plan of action, and some helpful contacts within the gaming community. Here's a guide to get you started.

Get A Good Webcam And Microphone Setup

You will need a good webcam and microphone setup in order to broadcast over Twitch. If you look at any of the popular streams, you will notice that the sound is crystal clear, and the images are not shaky or blurry. So you should purchase a high quality webcam and microphone that are meant for Internet broadcasting.  Many of your favorite Twitch streamers will list what equipment they use, so you can get started by looking at these items.

Record A Few Dry Runs

Once you have the equipment, you should record yourself playing a few sessions, then watch them back. You should not have "dead air" while playing. Ideally, you should have lots of commentary about the action and the game. The style of commentary is up to you. Some people have a comic persona, while others do mainly strategy.

These videos should not be posted, as you are only going to use them to see how to improve your narration during your future livecasts.

Join An Overwatch Gaming Community

It's important to join an Overwatch gaming community, such as ADK Gaming. You will want to promote your stream in the future, as well as make contacts with other broadcasters.

One of the best reasons to reach out to other players is that you can create teams. Teamplay is a great way for streamers to work in cooperation in order to grow their collective audiences. For instance, a subscriber to your channel might end up following one of your teammates, and vice versa. It benefits everyone on the team.

Plus, viewers like to watch real people play as opposed to a single person play a computer.

Set Up A Twitch Account

You should set up an account on Twitch and install the software required to broadcast live play. Then, once you have set it up, you should live play a few sessions and record them. The ones that you think are enjoyable should be archived so that people can look up your past play if you are not online live when they visit your channel.

With a Twitch account, you can set up donation options for subscribers. After you have built up a catalog of back "livecasts," you can archive the majority of them and make them available to subscribers only. This could be one of the benefits for those who donate and subscribe to your channel.

Post Highlight Trailers To YouTube

After you have recorded a few sessions that you are happy with, you can cut together a highlight trailer and post it up on YouTube. This will serve as promotion to your Twitch channel.