Why You Should Keep Your Cable TV Service And How To Make It Better

Cable TV has become so commonplace that it is almost a ho-hum topic and service. With all of the alternatives to cable TV out there, it may make you wonder why you should still subscribe. Actually, there are many good reasons to keep and pay for a cable TV subscription, and there are ways you can even make your service better.


Honestly, this has got to be the number one reason for keeping your cable subscription. Almost every single company that offers TV service provides a DVR with it. The DVR, or digital video recorder, does what no other media equipment can--it records several shows all at once and can playback, rewind or fast forward all of the shows you have recorded or are currently watching while the DVR is recording other shows.

If you do not have a DVR, you can improve your cable TV experience by getting one. Some service providers toss this device in for free when you subscribe for a year or more, while others may charge you a small monthly rental fee. You cannot get that with cable TV alternatives, and you definitely do not have those benefits with over-the-air antenna TV.

Streaming Services Come with Your Subscription TV Service

Some bold and brash TV providers have gone the extra mile to include streaming services in your service package. What you might ordinarily pay an extra monthly streaming fee for, these companies toss in for free. It is a good marketing ploy to keep customers, since these customers are not lured away by the separate streaming services because they already receive them from their cable providers. You may need an internet connection, a smart TV, an internet-enabled Blu-ray DVD player or a internet co-axial connection to your TV to get these streaming services, but it makes keeping your cable subscription worth it.

Online Gaming Through Cable TV Is Now Available 

Some internet and TV service providers now offer the indulgence of online gaming for gamers. Some of the most popular MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) are now available, which means you would not need to sit in front of your computer or laptop all day to play. Instead, you can connect through your TV, and if you have friends over, they can play simultaneously with you on their laptops or the laptop/desktop you are not currently using. You could have a gamers' party any day of the week, and when you are done playing, you can sit back and watch some TV on the same device. Contact a cable provider, like Valley TeleCom Group, for more help.