4 Advantages Of Choosing A Colocation Service For Your Data Center

There are many things to consider when setting up a data center, and three main ones are if you should choose colocation services, a physical data center in your building, or cloud hosting. If you hire a colocation service for your data center, they will provide the building to house it, bandwidth, power, physical security, and cooling for you. Your business will have to provide the storage and servers. Your company will lease the space in their facility by the room, cage, cabinet, or rack. Below are some advantages of choosing this type of service for your company.


As long as you have the right pass security or credentials, you can access your data center equipment any time you want. The colocation company will monitor and staff the data center 24/7. They do this by using video surveillance, card access, locked cages around the equipment, and biometric scanners.

Network Speed

If you choose to house your data center yourself, you may not have enough bandwidth or you may have just enough to get by. You could call your Internet Service Provider to increase your bandwidth, but this would also increase your bill. Colocation facilities have a much higher bandwidth, and they will ensure it is high enough so your network speed will be much faster.

Backup Services

There are many types of emergency backup generators a company uses for their data center. You can choose how much power it will provide for your business, such as keeping the power up for your entire company or for just your data center only. You also have to determine the right amount of power to keep your network running at optimal speed while the power is out.

If this is not something you want to have to take care of on your own, a colocation service will provide you with a backup system that can keep your network running at normal speed for an indefinite amount of time.

Hardware Maintenance

A colocation service will provide all the hardware maintenance for you by skilled professionals. This will not only save you money from having to hire someone to do this for you, but you can feel rest assured the maintenance is done correctly. This is a very important part of your data center, as hardware maintenance is a key part in keeping your data center running.

Choosing colocation services frees up a lot of your time so you can focus on other parts of your business. Click here for more information.